UUnivers a new social network ?

UUnivers is an Internet made by humans for humans, without any private data processing. UUnivers aims to alleviate a computer that has become too virtual, too technical and inhuman.

Each of the building blocks of this new Internet allows each human being to build his or her unique universe of computer data, without a data server and without depending on a computer engineer.

As in the real world with paper, everyone organizes his documents according to his desires, his conditions and his personal or professional needs.

Article "UUnivers by REVENA sa", or with videos "UUnivers, from me to you !"

Products and timeline : https://uunivers.io.

Our F.A.Q. in french https://faq.uunivers.com.

The general conditions in french https://cg.uunivers.com.

The documentations in french https://docs.uunivers.com.


We would like to meet you in Switzerland, between human beings. If you can't come to Switzerland, we can discuss in videoconference too.


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